“Men are the ones that help women to structure family. Women have a father, husband, children ... Helping men I also help women”.

“The medicine for me was not really a choice. It was something natural, a kind of inheritance. In a way, I was influenced by my father Elsior Coutinho, who was a doctor, pharmacist and professor of pharmacology. He taught how to extract drugs from plants, something my grandfather did, despite not being formed. My grandfather was a practical medicine and my father surely was inspired by him.”

Dr. Elsimar Coutinho

The Modern Man

"Men are the ones that help women structure a family. Women have fathers, husbands, sons. Helping the men I also help the women."(COUTINHO, E.M.)

A man has to be healthy, virile, well educated, protective, careful with his own body, successful and, above all, an example for his family. With such attributes he disposes of all the conditions to ensure his space in the world.

But what makes a man capable of achieving the qualities inherent to the healthy male of the species? It's a simple answer: good levels of testosterone.

When we talk about the male sex it immediately reminds us of testosterone, the hormone accountable to giving males their characteristics since they are generated. For this reason, any deficiency in testosterone production affects his life directly.