“When I started studying, I became fascinated by the chemistry of life. At the time, had just discovered the relationship of hormones with human reproduction. And playback is the most dynamic part of life.”

Dr. Elsimar Coutinho

What are hormones?

Hormones are substances produced by endocrine glands that act within the blood flow. These substances are transported by the blood and act in specific areas of the organism. Hormones are governed by cerebral activity and control growth, development, functions of many tissues, help reproductive functions and regulate metabolism. The word "hormone" is of Greek origin and means, "to put into movement".

The sex hormones start secretion around the age of 10. The decline of these hormones is inversely proportional to ageing, that is, the older you get, less sex hormone you are going to produce naturally. This process can go on until total production disappearance of these hormones for men, as for women, in the period known as menopause, the body completely ceases production of these hormones.  Furthermore, through life, people can show innate or acquired pathologies, hormonal malfunction or imbalance that need specific treatment.

Medicine can offer treatment for these kinds of situations. The treatment is known as Hormonal Replacement Therapy. Click on the next topic of this session to get to know some more about this treatment.