The modern woman

“We are here because of them and nothing fairer than dedicate my work to the welfare and health of women.”

Dr. Elsimar Coutinho

The Modern Woman

"We are here because of them(women) and so its fair that I dedicate my work to their health and well-being."(COUTINHO, E.M.)

It's been a few years now, that women have gained force and recognition in and outside their homes, becoming heads of the family and conquering the working place.

But this emancipation process has not been fully accomplished yet. Living life to its fullest, without rules and being able to enjoy intensely the pleasures of sex, are matters considered of extreme importance to the contemporary woman.

This explains why she must be prepared, emotionally, intellectually and physically, to fulfil her multifunctional activities: being a mother; wife; house wife; professional and on top of that, taking care of her utmost capital: her beauty.

What could more pleasing to the self-esteem of a woman than a well-set body, symmetrical, with delicate skin and sensual curves?

The woman that feels good about herself is happier and fulfils much better all her roles, even tough she goes through many transformations during her lifetime, as in the case of pregnancy.

Women's aim is to have kids. Thus, the challenge to completely satisfy her physical and psychological needs become even greater. To help women go through all her phases and accomplish all her tasks while still being healthy, peaceful and sane is the main focus of the work developed by Dr. Coutinho.

The mental and physical poise provided by the hormonal replacement developed by him, allows a female world more productive, with less health restrictions and much more quality of life.

More than that, these treatments ensure that women have fun in maturity, explore her sensuality to the maximum and have more than healthy professional, social and affective relationships

"The fascination I had over the mysterious attraction women possessed contributed to direct my chemistry and biology studies to the hormonal field. I wanted to understand how it worked, unveil the mystery of that huge power. The female hormones were responsible for giving women's body its curves, contributed to their bearing, the swing in their walk, the sparkle in their eyes, the texture of their skin and the softness of their hair. They had the source of the power for affecting men's senses - vision, audition, smell, taste and touch in an ever more cataclysmic way - dominating and overpowering him without ever having to use physical force or a possible intellectual superiority."(COUTINHO, E.M.)